Grasshopper for Mac - 3rd-party add-on development

Hi all,

Thanks for the early version of Grasshopper for Mac.

Do you plan to get a changes log for GH or a SKD,out soon enough so any new third-party add-ons are cross -OS.
I noticed that some methods have changed.

Is this a future intention? To have add-ons running in both platforms via the same code?


Ideally, there should be no SDK changes since this is just a port. What is happening is that perhaps GH_Structure has not been completely or correctly ported. Added this to youtrack:

I made a test GHA and indeed, the get_* methods throw errors.

Hi Luis,

Thanks for your reply. It’s good to know that nothing has, at least not intentionally, changed.

Will report any other issues that may come up as well.