Grasshopper.Folders.UserObjectFolders no longer exists

I believe my Rhino 8 updated today and now my Py3 scripts are broken: the line Grasshopper.Folders.UserObjectFolders[0] gives an AttributeError: type object 'Folders' has no attribute 'UserObjectFolders' which it didn’t previously. The API reference indicates that the UserObjectFolders property should still exist: Folders Class

Curiously, some attributes like work, including Grasshopper.Folders.LocalAppDataFolder, which now points to a Grasshopper2 path. Did anything change related to Grasshopper2 behind the scenes?

Is Grasshopper.Folders.DefaultUserObjectFolder still there? Fortunately I’ve refactored it to no longer need it, but I used to use this to import custom modules installed there.

It is not!

Weird, I can see them on my system (latest service release):

You’re right, it works again.

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