Grasshopper file properties display

I have a large Grasshopper definition. I would like to show in my prospective presentation how many widgets, how many clusters are there in the file and what is the total length of the wires (maybe in meters) connecting the widgets. I know these are not too important data but in a persentation have a place for it. Is there any way to aquire these data?

More is better eh?

You can inspect the file itself if you drag it onto the canvas, then (without letting go of the mouse button!) drag it over the page-curl in the upper left corner, then drag it across the examine option and then let go.

At the very least it’ll allow you to easily count the number of components. You can also get the application (and source) I posted a few days ago, it allows you to extract some basic info about a gh file.

As for wire-length, since there is no physical unit, you can’t express it in terms of metres. You can count the number of wires in the file, but that would be easier at runtime than trying to reverse engineer it from the gh file itself.