Grasshopper file does not refer to curves of rhinofile anymore

After building and saving the geometry in grasshopper as well as rhino. The grasshopper file does not find the refered curves of the rhinofile anymore after reopening the grasshopper file later on. The rhinofile with the curves do exist in a separat file that do not refer to the grasshopper file anymore.

What could be the reason? I’m a grasshopper beginner. do I have do save files different when curves are build in rhino and not directly in grasshopper?

You can reference Rhino curves from within Grasshopper and use those as inputs. As you noticed, when you do that and open another Rhino document, your Grasshopper definition won’t find those curves.

To solve this, you can either make sure that the original Rhino document is opened when you work on your GH definition, or, you can internalize Rhino geometry in the GH component that references the geometry.

To do the latter, RMB on the component and pick Internalise data.


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Thank you very much this helped me.