Grasshopper fails to load plugin on start sometimes

I’m constantly getting this error when Grasshopper loads.
The bottom list changes from time to time but the top always says something wrong with that PluginLoading.txt
This usually happens after …

  1. I added a new pluggin
  2. Rhino crashed last time
  3. Dragging and dropping a .gh file right onto Rhino UI

Same issue here.

It appears to be trying to read PluginLoading.txt in “%appdata%\Grasshopper” but if I look in the folder the file is missing.

Sometimes when I get this message it results that several plugins are absent from the ribbon.

the error dialogue seems to come up randomly in my case.
That PluginLoading.txt file seems to be written and deleted on startup.
I think it tracks plugins as they load and only keeps the txt file if a plugin crashes.
I tried to copy the file during loading time to check contents. I repeated several times ad every time It was tracing a different plugin.





C:\Program Files\Rhino 6\Plug-ins\Grasshopper\Components\GhPython.gha

if I copy the captured file back into the folder I get this dialogue:


which is not true.

My issue was most likely caused by a syncing tool. I have been using this to sync my Gh settings across multiple computers which I find super useful. The tool must have been reading the file at startup which caused the error. Since I disabled I haven’t had that message.