Grasshopper examples

Hi there

Would it be possible to get access to some of the grasshopper definitions you have developed? I’m currently working on a grasshopper annotation style and a sample definition for text box would save me so much time.

Hi Roi, here you are!

Text (9.4 KB)

Let me know if you need any other one!

I’d also be interested in seeing the Wardrobe and Bed(Both single and double variants) if you’d be willing!

Sure! Find attached the definitions that were used to generate the Wardrobe and the 2 bed styles (same definition). (30.4 KB) (46.4 KB)

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Hi Francesc.

I’m trying to implement the Wardrobe GH style with some changes. But I seem to be missing the Alignment feature? Is that also to be implemented in GH or should VisualARQ be able to do that Automatically?

Also… Why is it not possible to delete GH furniture styles after creating them?

This is in a completely empty document, but a furniture element of specified type has been placed and then deleted again.

Hi Roi, you cannot delete any styles that are being used by objects in the model and also the “current” style, which is the last one selected when inserting an object of that type. In your example, just run the Furniture command, select a different style than the one you want to delete (you don’t even need to insert it), Cancel the command, then go back to Furniture styles dialog, and you will be able to delete it.