Grasshopper estruture

guys of my heart

I need to increase the thickness this way and smooth it to print in 3D. Does anyone know how? (14.0 KB)
Arqui 1.3dm (83.5 KB) (17.0 KB)

Hey, You have not even added any portion of your work to create what you want while using the “definition” I posted. Do you want others to do all of your work? If not, try to show your effort. And what do you mean by “Smooth”?


Thanks for the heads up. Another university student looking for someone to do their homework for them? Is there an ignore user feature on this new forum?

hi Kim!! This is your grashopper parametris, its true.

I developed my parameters based on what you helped me with.
Attached to my file.

The idea is to understand how I would do the part of what you do and then apply to mine! (13.7 KB)

For exemple, now i undestend the ideia of Joseph_Oster and attack on my Grasshopper the way to create

What is the reason for your color gradient?
Does this indicate the difference in curvature of the surface? Or is it a difference in slope ?
The definition you create let me know that it is just a random application. So why do you want to apply 3d printing to such a color?
Also, in 3d printing, it is better not to think that all printers will recognize the color you applied to the mesh.

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Hey dude !! The color gradient is just a visual graph in this case. I put it just to make visual effect without design, it has no relation with an impression.

Got it. keep up good work. But it is not easy for others to understand your intentions.