Grasshopper error message

I get this error message, whenever I open Grasshopper. It started around the same time period when I used Grasshopper Remote Panels for one file, but I haven’t got this message for other files using Remote Panels before. I have no clue what this error message is about. Can someone let me know what this message is about and how to remove it?

Some of your installed plugins fail to load, try uninstalling the most recent ones until the message disappears and contact the developer when you discover which plugin it is.

Thank you for the answer. I had only one plugin that I installed around the time I started getting this error message and deleting the plugin didn’t remove the error. Rhino.Inside was also updated recently, but I’m the only person getting this error among a dozen of people installed Rhino.Inside at my firm. I can still use Grasshopper without any issues, but it’s just annoying to see this message every time opening Grasshopper.

I procrastinated to find the cause for the error with so many plugins installed, but I finally found what plugin caused the issue. After I deleted “Tilde 2” folder, the error was gone. Thanks @Dani_Abalde!