Grasshopper developers setting

I have linked too many plugin bin folders to grasshopper developer’s settings. Now I want to remove them. When I am write clicking and deleting them , it is coming back when I restart rhino.
How to refresh Grasshopper developer’s settings debug plugin list?

Please let me know steps.
Many thanks is advance !

As long as you just select the entire uri and delete it (either by pressing the Delete key or by invoking Delete from the text box menu), then close that window using the OK button you should be able to remove the folders.

Thanks David ! It worked.


Am I missing something here:

Is this process above not valid anymore.?


When you’re in VALID FOLDERS mode, it only shows from which folder plug-ins are currently loaded. Switch off that mode and you can delete the custom folders you have set.

Hi David,

I want to delete one of the valid folders. I didn’t explain properly. Is this something that can b only done programmatically?


If you want to delete a folder, you can do it in Windows. If you want Grasshopper on Rhino6 to not load a specific plug-in, you can place a file next to it with the same name, but with a .no6 extension.

For example if you do not want GH on R6 to load C:\Desktop\GHAs\Moose.gha, add a blank file at C:\Desktop\GHAs\Moose.no6.

The .no6 extension will do the trick for me.

Thanks David.