Grasshopper definition (16.2 KB)

Hi! i had created a grasshopped definition in order to build a furniture as shown in the picture. but the grasshopper definition has the problem of invalid brep. And i don’t know why it is invalid. Anyone has any solution?model.3dm (2.9 MB)

I don’t get any invalid geometry. Internalize your geometry in the definition.

You didn’t internalise your initial geometry into your Geometry parameter… Anyway, you’d better use Graftto match the data between the section curves and the extrusion vectors… (125.3 KB)

i create several curve and make it into surface. i try to indicate these geometry into grasshopper and by the definition, i think the final model will be formed just like in the picture. by the way, i uploaded a rhino file with geometry .

hi! i had uploaded a rhino files with geometry together. can you please check it? And can i ask are you just making one geometry and internalise it into geometry parameter? because i try to set more geometry into it to create several curve with difference steepness.

In my opinion, It’s important to understand why your initial code has failed. not just imitating your reference image. (13.6 KB)