Grasshopper data tree

Hi everyone,
I am quite new with Grasshopper. I was tring to make a specific Offset bricks pattern as show in my picture. When I try to make it with my grasshopper definition I have a random index on my tiles. Can somebody take a look to my definition and help me to understand how I can rearrange it in order to create the desired Offset bricks pattern? Will it be possible to rearrange the index list in a consecutive order for all the bricks geometry?
ThanksGrasshopper Bricks (13.3 KB)


check this…

Note: Never mind the wall height, the same 8-digit-pattern will be always kept.

Grasshopper Bricks (25.4 KB)

After uploading i have noticed that you need negative :slight_smile: , just invert the dispatch pattern.


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Hi Jakinta brilliant, thanks a lot!!