Grasshopper: Create offset: How to specify both sides and the cap setting?

I’m just staring to learn Grasshopper. I found a command that creates offsets but it doesn’t seem to have parameters for BothSides and Cap. Is there a more full-featured create offset command in GH?

And is there a way to embed a Rhino command(s) in the command flow, as in, “At this point, issue this command” as well as feed that command the input to the command execution “box”?

If you want to offset in two directions simply give it a positive and negative offset value. Caps can be done with a dedicated component.

You can do that with the scripting components (Python, VB, C#), or simply re-engineer what the Rhino command does in Grasshopper (if possible).

Thanks for the positive and negative offset value tip. I hadn’t thought of that because I don’t know of any particular reason to call one side positive and the other negative. I guess I just have to experiment until I see a pattern (which might be to just experiment for every time I use it).

I don’t mean the Cap command to close a hole in a surface on an intended-to-be watertight solid (which I’m guessing you are referring to). I’m referring to the cap parameter of the rhino offset command, which connects both sides of the offset (or the original line and the single offset) together at the end. Options are flat, round, or none.

Thanks for the tip on the scripting components, I hadn’t found the them in the list when I looked before.

Here’s a basic example of creating a solid offset with RhinoCommon (5.6 KB)
It uses this method:
Another one that might be useful is: