Grasshopper copyright


Is the grasshopper still opensource? If so is there any official logos to use on the web page when referring to it?

If you are referring to Grasshopper, the visual programming plug-in for Rhino 3d, it was never open source.
We have some logos you can use here. In case you were wondering about how they should be used, you can read up on that here.

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Thank you, my mistake I was shure it was open, probbly just a free.

That was an oddly common misconception at some point. People seemed to equate ‘free’ and ‘you can talk with the developer’ as open-source.

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It is already off topic but thank you for making it free at least. Grasshopper the only one of two reasons why I use Rhino, the second one supporting meshes and non-CAD formats, and probably the only one reason to purchase Rhino 6 if I will do it ever.

Because of working with Grasshopper I’m now less geometrically thinking designer and a bit more mathematically thinking still a designer.