Grasshopper Control By external device?

I’ve got a new keyboard with a shuttle wheel and I was really hoping to map the wheel to number sliders in GH.

So far no luck. Any ideas of how I can improve my quest?


The only way I can think of is to create a plugin that intercepts the keyboard instructions in windows and then determines if a slider is selected. If it is, change the value, else let the wheel continue normal operation.
If a slider is not selected, then continue operation of the instruction.
I don’t think there is an off the shelf solution.

Thanks for your response. And here is where I’m forced to acknowledge the fact that writing a GH patch, no matter how complicated, is still not programming, a language in which I remain forlornly illiterate…

Would a plugin like you’re describing be a Python script? It just seems to me that there are enough people that want to use GH interactively that this would be explored territory…

Closest thing I can find.

For the shuttle wheel, you can say implement left as F23 and right as F24 (Both are valid keycodes) then with the c# check for keypress.

I’m guessing this is also by you:

This topic also came up and you would need to merge them together.

I don’t know what options logitech has in the setting menu though.

Thank you. Please excuse my long neglect!