Grasshopper context menu

Command+LMG opens context menu, not allowing me to delete wires. Is there a workaround?

Hi Kurtis-

Do you mean command+Left Mouse Button? What is your expected behavior when you use that?

You should be able to Right-Click an input and use the Disconnect menu.

I’m probably just confused about what keyboard shortcut you are trying to use.

Just a quick note because this topic is related: we have an update coming to the RhinoWIP that will remap some of the default shortcuts. I’ll make a longer Discourse post with details once it is in the field. This is just a head’s up that they are changing (for the better, we hope!) That said, I don’t know that is going on in the case as I we didn’t change keyboard shortcuts related to wire-deletion.

Hi Dan! The latest update has restored what I was having issues with, namely Command+LMB and dragging to delete a wire. Thank you!

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