Grasshopper Construction Design Failed Script

Hi everyone,

I am an architecture student and doing my master’s. I started to learn grasshopper last term so I am still at the beginning of it. although I was able to manage most of the things I needed till now and it became harder. I am trying to build a construction structure which I actually did maybe %80 similar to what I wanted to have but I assume there should be an easier way cause i know my code is just trash and every time when I need to change something I get an error because of wrong calculation. Here is what I have a little summary:

It’s a tower building with an organic facade. I made it with three closed curves and with the loft tool built a BREP. After that, I used contours and defined my ceilings(via extruding them). Then I made another loft between every floor(used shift list and weave so 1 to 2, 2 to 3 …) that part was easy, even I was able to make every calculations and facade with plug-ins.

The main problem where I have is its construction part. The building is basically a twisted tower and it must have similar cross-type construction(below are screenshots). It should work like this:

I divide the floor’s boundary into 12(it is a hexagon so every corners and middles have a point). Now when I say that the first corner point of every floor defined as point 1, for every floor, counterclockwise next points are defined as 2. And I need to connect the first point of the first floor with the second point of the second and a third of the third. That means columns won’t go straight but with a shift by every floor. and I must repeat it 12 times as I have 12 columns. I guess screenshots will make it much clear, the main idea is actually pretty basic.

I put an evaluate item and wrote an equation and used domains and was kind of working but I later changed the form and the structure and I can’t get a proper result.

I also put my rhino and gh files if you want to have a look. There are too many things inside but I showed them with a thick red marker.

Thanks in advance for any kind of help and wish everyone a better year than 2020!

ConstructionDesign_FailedPart.3dm (15.7 MB) (114.6 KB)

I haven’t looked at your code but your description sounds similar to this thread last week:

It does not have to be pointed at the top like this:

okay, thanks for the reply! I am gonna check it maybe I can inspire somehow at least cause mine is a serious project so I am not allowed to make anything or smt similar. I must be specific as I described and that makes it actually difficult :slight_smile:

No more difficult than what we see on this forum every day.

haha, yeah the community sprit is awesome. I am not a pro GH guy but i consider myself at some other softwares as advanced user and help too many people everyday. this is how it works. one day i get help another day i give :slight_smile:

Hundreds of GH tower threads exist on this forum (and the old one), with 95% of their issues in common, yet hardly a day goes by without someone starting a new one and asking for help. Even when it is given (again), many people don’t learn. So ho hum…

Sorry but i think you get me wrong! i know there are always similar topics in forums and i already said that it might help what you shared but as i mentioned before as a new learner sometimes it doesn’t help to have similar scripts of others cause even it is similar when you try to use the idea or adapt it to your own, due to lack of experience you get stuck where you are. in that case i believe, the most successful way is describe your problem as good as you can and ask for help. i don’t want a direct solution or don’t say here is my code, can somebody open and make it correct. i share it and expect from someone to give some advice how can i make it better or want to know what do i do wrong. So when you just pick a part my message and talk over it, FYI it doesn’t help. I am not gonna role that guy who says “if you don’t want to help then don’t” cause i know you are here to help normally. okay it can be sometimes annoying when someone says “mine is different” but as i said it is not a hobby project and i need to find a solution which solves the issue 100%, maybe just with a hint or maybe just by myself. so no need for sarcasm or over reaction. i know how things work.

I apologize for offending you, I didn’t mean to.

no problem at all :slight_smile: i am not offended just saying i wasn’t trying to get a premium service and vanish immediately :sunglasses: