Grasshopper Construct Mesh

Hi Everyone,

I’m working on my script and somehow it states this error which I am beyond confused about how to fix on my “construct mesh” (faces). It states on red that the error “insufficient faces on a mesh”

Any help or word of advice is welcome and appreciated.

Thank you in advance!

Grassshopper (83.7 KB)
Grasshopper Error.3dm (2.2 MB)

Faces needs to always equal the relationship to points. The screenshot is bad as we don’t know what you are connecting. Post a file and describe what you are trying to do.

Hi Michael,

Here are both the grasshopper and rhino file I’ve been working on. Note that I’m trying to use the plug in tool Ladybug as a solver to achieve weather data analysis.

Thank you in advance.

You didn’t attach anything. Please only include the parts you need help with. You can internalize data. See point 3 here: Help Us Help You

Hi Michael,

Please find the attached updated grasshopper on the description below.
You are able to find the Cull Pattern > Construct Mesh highlighted and grouped together with a detailed message. This is also paired with the rhino file attached as well.

Thank you for your help!

Hmnn, you still have not attached anything, ok I see on original post

This should be right? I did attach the grasshopper as requested? Can you try here?
Grassshopper (83.7 KB)
Grasshopper Error.3dm (2.2 MB)

Ok, so can you tell me what are you trying to do? Looks like your intent is to remove mesh faces by a pattern, is that correct?

As stated in the previous message, it seems to be an error on where the data flowing via from Cull Pattern connecting to the Construct Mesh seems to be an error which I don’t know how to fix.

No it is not, the data structure is fine. It is that you misunderstand what that faces output is on deconstruct mesh. That faces output is not the actual mesh faces, it is the face corner vert index map of each face. You cannot cull them and then construct a mesh with those removed but keeping the same verts. Can you just tell me what is the intent? Is it that you want to remove actual faces from a mesh by culling pattern?

I understand what you mean. Is there a way for the mesh to work on the culling pattern considering that it doesn’t have the actual mesh faces? Yes I want to remove the actual faces.

Yes, just use the “Cull Faces” component.

Cull (55.1 KB)

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