Grasshopper conflict between version 7 and 6

I was forced to reinstall Rhino 7 and when I started it, I see this UGLY BUG!!!


in the R5 to R6 transition you can put a file like this for it not to load

assuming it would be


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I don’t want to see or deal with this kind of UGLY BUG.

Hi Joseph -
I don’t have Clipper here…
Can you explain in words what’s going on? You have 2 different versions installed or something?

I have no idea what’s going on here. I rarely use WIP R7 and don’t remember if I installed a version of Clipper for it. I don’t particularly care if my R6 version of Clipper is out of date. And I definitely don’t want to see what happens if I clicked the button to load the R6 version into R7, as this dialog is giving me the option to do. This error message isn’t useful or necessary as far as I’m concerned, only a distraction.

@osuire encountered this bug last month as well:

My understanding is:

  1. Rhino 6 and Rhino WIP/7 did not share plugins before.
  2. Clipper was installed in both R6 and R7 (possibly through the PackageManager / yak)
  3. Since recently rhino 7 automatically loads R6 plugins to R7, and now you have two Clipper plugins.

Both versions should be compatible with both R6 and R7, so pressing load for any of them should* work for both.

*I would highly recommend loading the Rhino 6 - 0.2.3 version, as it is a year old, 0.2.11 is about 6 years old.