Grasshopper: Computational Mindset Coaching (online)

Grasshopper: Computational Mindset Coaching
Offered by: Tekne Learn

Are you struggling to get your head around Grasshopper? A more unique approach may help.

The Tekne Learn Grasshopper: CMC program (ComputationalMindsetCoaching) is an 8-week design program, consisting of 1-1 Coaching, Video Sessions, Weekly Design Challenges, Group Masterclass Sessions, as well as access to a Private Student Discord Channel.

In contrast to other Grasshopper courses, you’ll have a dedicated coach working with you 1:1 from the program’s start. This approach allows you to tailor your learning (if you like) to any personal goals or projects you want to achieve with Grasshopper.

You will build your own portfolio of work over the length of the program, so you are actually applying what you are learning in practical ways—as opposed to following along with generic tutorials.

You will learn why we do things in certain ways and develop your own logic for problem-solving in Grasshopper. This will ultimately advance your skills much quicker, as you will develop repeatable workflows and methodologies that can be applied to any design problem in the future.

If you would like to discuss the details of the program and how it may benefit you, please complete this form to book a call with Tekne Learn.


Posted Jun 29, 2024 by Jody Mills on Rhino News, etc.