Grasshopper Colleting All Panel to one txt file

I am new at Grashopper, Maybe my questions to easy but ıdont know nothing.
I did couple of things as ı could. As you see the link (below) ı dont know how to gather all panel to single one. Then ı dont know how to make txt file ?

You can use “Merge” component to do it. (As i’m not sure of the structure of your definition, I suggest you to flatten all the Merge’s inputs).

Then use another panel, and with right-click and one of the last options you can export to an external file:

  • “Stream Contents” it will put the output in a text-like file, and that file will be uptadet every time your definition refresh/recalculate
  • “Copy All Content” and “Copy Data Only” lets you, then, manually paste the content on whatever text editor you want.
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Thats what am ı looking for.
Thanks a lot.
Thank for fast replay.