Grasshopper changing Components' point selection from x to y or vise versa

Hi All,
How can I change the X, Y direction of a component (for example in List Item component) …?


Eh… what?

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I edited it.

It’s still not clear what you mean. Can you draw a diagram of what you’re asking or trying to do? the List Item component has no notion of X or Y direction.

As you can see here, by default my list Item component choose the X direction of points, so my question is how can I make it to select Y direction points?


That’s much clearer :slight_smile: Use “Flip Matrix” before the list item component.

cool, Thx :+1::pray:

To explain a bit further, the “Divide Surface” component outputs data in a data tree, with multiple branches (lists). It creates U groups of V points (or maybe vice-versa). So if these are your points:

A1   A2   A3
B1   B2   B3
C1   C2   C3
D1   D2   D3

Then all the As will be in one list, the Bs in the next list, etc. If you want to get all the As, you need to grab a specific list (branch) — which could be achieved with the “tree branch” component. If you want to get all the 1s, you can use List item, which will treat each branch/list separately, and pull the first item from each list (this is where we started with your example). “Flip Matrix” does not change the content of your data, but it does change its data structure, by swapping out the item indices and the branch indices — so that you wind up with all the 1s in a list, all the 2s in the next list, etc.