Grasshopper centerpoint

To bake surfaces with colours you would need something like human(just Google it or use the forum Search). A mesh can be baked with colours without plugin

I found this one but I can not find out how what to plug into the “object” because everything I plug into it makes it the same color.

Because your entire gradient is just white. Change the colors of the gradient.
You can use Human like @Baris said for baking colors. Dunno what that C# component is.

Object refers probably to The object you want to bake, in your case the surfaces.

if the surfaces are all separate squares how would i bake them all with its new color?

I am trying to make some white and off white which is why it appears to be all the same color on the gradient. I tried downloading human and it says rhino does not support the file

It applies them material or display color, layers are not the only thing that can define color in Rhino.

You don’t install grasshopper plugins in Rhino, you install them in grasshopper:

This should be the setup once Human is installed, it bakes them with display color. You should make a layer in Rhino and use that layers name in the Human component, in the case of my screenshot it is the layer called gradient. Make the boolean toggle true to bake, then false to turn it off.

bake random (10.2 KB)

Also so you know, changing the Seed input of random will change the randomization of the color.

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