Grasshopper centerpoint

I can’t figure out what I type in to get this part of the definition? The video I watched was called centerpoint but I can’t find this icon??

It’s definitely not a native component,looks more like a cluster.

Do you know what I would use in place of this?

probably the volume component.

Even though he typed in centerpoint to get that component?

as @Baris said, that is some custom cluster, no way to know where it came from, if you want that exact component contact the person who made the video. I am suggesting that it probably does what the volume component does. Why not post the video and time stamp it is used at so we can at least see what it is doing?

Thank you, this is the video and the component that i am having troble with is at 1:24

Im basically trying to make a square grid and randomize the square to make them different colors like a mosaic

But he shows right there what you can use instead. Use area (or in that case for better speed use polyline center)

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THANK YOU SO MUCH!! do you know how i would do it to make all the squares the same size, because his squares go smaller and multiply?

Just use square grid component.

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where would i input that?

Just start with the plane mesh component and feed instead of remapped numbers one value

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Thank you that worked! Im sorry for being so annoying but do you know what i would use at 3:11 in the video because the “explode mesh” isnt coming up

I guess you are after something like this.

random (7.2 KB)


What is the color component called? Also, what is the component after the square grid with the E input and S output?

Download the file I attached under the image. Hover over components to see their name.

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Got it! Thank you both so much ive been trying to figure this out for hours!

do you know how i would bake something like this?