Grasshopper canvas zoom out, lost level of detail


my canvas behaves most of the time very strange. Both zoom levels are minimum scrollable steps and I do not know why am I loosing the text information of the shown components. Often I want to use Grasshopper with a smaller zoom percentage, becasue of reduced screen space. Can someone help me how to change the setting?

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The way to get back to factory default settings is to delete the settings xml files. Start with kernel and gui, I can’t quite remember which file contains the zooming values.

You can find the settings files via the Special Folders menu under the File menu. Just be sure to delete the xml files while Rhino and Grasshopper are not running.

If you’re not in a rush you can also wait until I have a chance to check where the zoom threshold is defined.

The zoom level at which the text and icons are faded out is at 60% of your default zoom level. Default zoom is 100% multiplied by the Windows Monitor Scaling Factor, which you clearly have set to 200% (same as me).

The 60% level is hard-coded and cannot be changed either in the Preferences or in the Xml data.

It seems the only thing you can do at the moment is lower your Windows screen scaling factor to 150% or 100%. You seem to like having really small text, and the Screen Scaling is a shorthand for that. I can make the 60% part of the settings xml, but the earliest that will help you is when the next service release of whatever Rhino version you’re using goes out.

Hi David, thanks for your answer. The problem is, that I use a 21:9 Ultra-Wide Monitor (3440 x 1440) at 100 % and one of the reasons to bought the monitor was because of work with grasshopper.
It would be very useful to be able to zoom out on the canvas and still be able to read the component’s text. Moreover, it would be very useful when you are working on a notebook with minimum screen space, which is often uncomfortable.

In my mind it could be also very useful to save screenspace in horizontal direction (because gh is almost a linear process) with adaptive toolbars on the rhino side (when rhino/gh is side by side). I think it could be very useful to hide the toolbars and layer, property -bars more dynamically. In my view the adobe way to handle screen space is very efficient and adaptive. Example:

Thanks a lot for your time and passion

Hey David, are the zoom levels settings for the canvas fadeout already implemented? I realy need to change it cause of 4K Monitor. Tanks much.