Grasshopper C# component crashing

the grasshopper c# component is also not stable at all. Keeps crashing rhino 6 while just writing the script ! not even running it.

Is this new in 6.18? Did you see this in 6.17?

Can you please provide the steps you took to reproduce the crash?

@Alain you might want to be aware of this…I’m still investigating; I just heard about this.

This happened to me in 6.18. I can not tell about 6.17 as I just started using the component.
Here are the steps :
-Open rhino 6.18
-create new file
-save the 3dm file.
-open grasshopper, place a c# component.
-save the grasshopper file.
-start scripting, basically training on C# while looking on tutorials (Youtube opened plus some Vimeos Links), I am also using an another lcd monitor.

Hi @gari.kun-

Can you please attach the exact definition you used? It sounds like it is crashing when you connect the sliders, so if I’m understanding correctly, it should be possible to share it before the sliders are connected to the C# component. Having exactly what you have to reproduce the crash could save us a tremendous amount of time.