Grasshopper Bug: Changing to (Draw Full Names) Resizes Text Boxes


It would be easy to understand that things might have to be moved when changing view modes, but it looks like a bug that Text box components are resized during mode changes.

Also, it seems that that the resized boxes are no longer as horizontally compact as they once were.

The highlighted on is one I have reset. The triple height once have been resized mode mode changes.

(Thank you.)


Are you talking secifically about Panels ? I cannot seem to reproduce the issue with those.

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Yes, “Panels.” Sorry for the confusion.

Experimenting with it again, it’s the “Draw Full Names” option that does the adulteration, which is a relief.

I am sorry for the confusion. Indeed, selecting that mode will resize all the Panels to 2 text units high, and for some reason, when you switch back they remain 2 text units high. The text contents in the Panel appears unchanged. Unfortunately, this is view thing, and not on the Undo stack/buffer, so other than dumping the file and reloading, or physically resetting each one, they remain larger than they need be.

(Thread title corrected)

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Also, I am using 3840x2160 monitor; could that be why you are not able to reproduce.

Thank you for looking into this.

Fow what it’s worth, here is a C# script that you can activate to reduce those panels after switching back to short names mode. I don’t think it’s that useful but at least I learnt some things in the Grasshopper API. My attempts at triggering it automatically on a canvas redraw have resulted in two computer crashes so I’ll stick with the button click for now !

It only affects panels without a Nickname and that are in Multiline Data mode, so presumably panels with a single line of text.

RedrawPanels (5.3 KB)

I was part of that discussion, I really think you should give Sunglasses a second try :wink:.

That’s great! But it should be an official fix. Thank you.
Certainly answers my wondering about if it’s just a 4K issue.
It’s profound that you have components that affect the UI directly. Hmm.

I hope that at some point, Sunglasses attaches the text to the object.
I would try it, but I have a question: what happens if it’s not installed?

[I found out something strange about how my brain works in Grasshopper. In Rhino, I am in graphic-mode. In Grasshopper, I am in programming text-mode. GTK Radiant put the components, wired in 3d : O ]