Grasshopper brep models into Revit family (types)

Hey. Tried searching but found no answers.

What I want to create is a catalogue of products and I think the best way to do this is by using families. But so far I found that I can only put one brep at a time. Is it possible to create a Family tree like:
Doors → Custom doors → Round, Elipse, Rectangle. And with those geometries comes my breps.
I guess it is called types.
Or is there another approach to this problem?

A few considerations. You can add Breps but will need to open up the families to add constraints (door example). If you have existing constrained types you can make new types based on constraints or other parameters.

You may be interested in something like this… BIMscript® BIM objects | BIMobject

Hi. Thanks for your response. Well, I do not need any constraints as long as I have my breps linked.

BIMscript is useless if you are not ready to pay a bunch of money.

@sw1 Yes family types are designed for this purpose. But it really comes down to you on how flexible you want to design your families. For example, I might create separate families for doors with different panel types, and each family can have various ‘Types’ to allow for various door sizes. You might however create a single resizable door family that contains a configurable panel. The decision is up to you. At the moment RIR doesn’t have any components to add flexing to Revit families. But you can use RIR to place Breps in to families and generate a lot of ‘Baked’ families that way.