Grasshopper breakpoint

Hello @DavidRutten ,
I’m having this grasshopper breakpoint which crash rhino after… do you know what could cause this issue?
It appears while i run a stability loop analysis, which was working great before…

Best Regards

What code is running here? It’s an exception thrown by Grasshopper, but in all likelihood not within a solution since all solutions are encased in try…catch blocks. Is code on another thread trying to make changes to a document?

Hi David,
Not really clear for me… it happens in several intricate loops with anemone for boat stability analysis.
It was working perfectly before i update Elefront and before i make an optimization on a equilibrium loop to reduce computational time. This equilibrium loop works perfectly on it’s own.
And the all stability loop works fine almost all steps but end up with that message which crash my rhino session

Oh wait, clearly it is being handled because it’s showing this window instead of just crashing outright. Still, somebody is not careful about when they expire objects and with so many plug-ins running it can be difficult to figure out what. Sadly the call-stack is empty (that may well be a mistake on my part) so that doesn’t help narrow it down either.

Exactly how big is your file and can you still replicate the crash if you simplify it?

well my files is BIG around 17Mb it’s a kind of naval architect toolbox with plenty of other stuff based on Human UI user friendly interface. I’ll try to simplify the input to check if that change something, but if this is the case that will not solve the aim of this script.