Grasshopper breakpoint: File hash computation failed

Hi everyone,

Every time when I start loading grasshopper I would encounter this warning line “Grasshopper breakpoint: File hash computation failed”, and it does not allow me to load any plugins properly…


Does anyone have a clue of why this is and how can this be resolved?

Many thanks!


Your computer has blocked the hashing algorithm Grasshopper uses to compare files. I’ve seen this once before on a US government computer. I thought we switched to algorithms that were universally accepted, but there’s always someone more paranoid than you expect…

It is suspicious that both TarsierVision.gha and TreeFrog.gha have exactly the same size, the odds are pretty slim that would happen by accident, but not zero.

What happens if you rename TarsierVision.gha to TarsierVision.notgha?

Hi David,

Sorry I haven’t responded sooner. The computer that runs grasshopper is not in a corporate environment and this issue pops out only about a month before… I suspect this is happening because of changed Windows security settings, that such hashing is not allowed.

Is there any way that I can restore the previous settings?

I have dig up these two historical posts that have the similar issue as mine,