Grasshopper blocks

Why Grasshopper had all these problems to create, without plugins, some blocks, and there is no commands to do this? I’m using Visualarq and is so easy to create a block from 3d geometry and place it as instances, I think others grasshopper plugins too doing it.

There are no “problems”.
Blocks in Rhino work well, simply in grasshopper are not implemented yet.
But the Rhino libraries are great, open/exposed and ready to use.
You can use a plugin or make your own code for your specific situation.
Have you tried something? Can you explain your situation? Attach some of your attempts?

I think “grasshopper + blocks” is not that useful thing (for most of cases)…
Grasshopper is to make dynamic geometries, blocks are for “static” (or “not much often edited”) geometries.
But this is just my personal viewpoint.

If you have a specific situation, you can build a specific script for your case…

The forum is here to help.

Hi Riccardo,

thank you for your message.
I’m creating a pavement of wood planks in grasshopper. With Visualarq i can transform a single plank in a block inside grasshopper, then positioning the block as instances, scale and transform the instances. Then bake the result in Rhino where i still have instances blocks. Result: for a medium floor of 600 x 600 cm I need 52 seconds in grasshopper for each variation, and after baking, all light instances in Rhino.
To do same things without visualrq, scripts or others plugins in grasshopper, i need to repeat each single plank not as block but as single brep. result: 3.2 seconds in grasshopper for each change i made (52 vs 3200) and when i bake i have many heavy polysurfaces in Rhino.
This is only an example, so for me it could be very useful to have some Block management inside grasshopper.

52/1000 seconds in grasshopper…

But… do you need block, or not?

I mean, you actually need block for your job/task, or you are using them only to speed up the preview?

( If the latter, in this situation I find very useful to work with meshes.
Any new/edited polysurface in rhino/gh is “meshed”.
So if, for example, you have a simple brep, and make array 10x10 pieces, rhino will do the “meshing” of 100 objects, even for the smallest grasshopper recalculation.
If you start with your initial object already converted to a mesh, the array will be displayed almost instantly.

I need blocks inside Grasshopper. What is not clear in my request?
Blocks are differents from Brep and from Meshes. Each have his proper features. I can use Grasshopper without Blocks, but i can’t understand why they are not yet implemented.

Yes, your request is clear.
Just… I can’t understand what problem you have if there are plugins that let you do your work in 52 milliseconds.
I’ve just tried blocks with Human plugin, and it seems really simple to use…

… i thought it was a matter of speed/display… i was wrong, sorry.

I can’t talk for McNeel staff or else, but i guess their time is invested in something more important than something that many plugins already solve.
Like generally improving rhino engine… the “math part”.

You’re doing it wrong. Post a file example and a effective question.

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I understand he wants an object “Block” in terms of being rerived from GH_Goo.

That makes no sense to me.

That makes sense to me… :wink:

to have it inside Grasshopper, it makes no sense. if you create the block at the end of your grasshopper definition just to “transfer” it to Rhino, then it makes sense. And I think that’s already available.

I think your replies makes not sense… :slight_smile:

And I think there’s a lot you should learn about Rhino and Grasshopper.


Thanks, David, for solving the request in Rhino 8!