Grasshopper-Archicad live conection Crash

I’m on test-mode with the new Grasshopper-Archicad live connection.
The Rhino version I’m using is v5 SR13 90days trial, and the last GH

The problem appears when I’m using node-components to access from GH to Archicad lists. Then, Rhino crashes appearing a message related to .Net framework or something similar.

My OS is Windows 10 Home 64bit.

Please, let me know how to solve it.



Can you be a bit more specific? A screenshot of the error would be helpful.

Platform: Windows 10 Home 64-bit

Archicad 20 build 4020 FULL Int​

​Live Connection:
Version of the add-on: 4512.0

Version 5 SR13 64-bit
(5.13.60913.21340, 13/09/2016)
SN: 4-1500-1308-100-0003909-30996

Version August-27, 2014
Build 0.9.0076

Actions performed (steps) The problem is reproducible. It happens every time we use the tool, when you want to use “composite” or/and “surface” component.

Expected and actual results: ​Every time we insert in the algorithm the “composite” or/and “Surface” component in order to connect them to AC tool setting component. When we want to expand the list of “composites” or “surfaces” , then Rhino crashes. On the other hand, “building material” or “layer” component runs well.

Hi @David_Delgado_Vendre

Sorry for the late reply! It’s just that there’s not much we can do since those components are developed by Graphisoft I believe. Have you been able to contact their support?

Thanks for you answer. Graphisoft support team is already handling the bug.
It seems a problem with textures attributes of Archicad.

Good to know! Thanks for the info!

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