Grasshopper and *conic* corners for a rectangle

I’m a grasshopper beginner and this is my first real question please.

Other things equal, is it possible to have Grasshopper parametricise the rounded corners of a rectangle, where those corners are conic corners?

i.e. to adjust the rho or point for the conic corner to pass through

Ideally, to adjust the corners of a conic-cornered rectangular surface.

Thanks for any suggestions.

Read this carefully:

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Do you mean something like this? (5.9 KB)

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Thanks for your suggestion.

Yes, something like that, although those corners are regularly rounded corners, i.e. a simple arc radius at each corner with straight lines joining them.

A conic-corner is more like the curved corners of a CRT-type TV screen.

(The value of having a conic corner, for example on the base of your file, is that it should be possible—easily or at all—to loft it with a circle at the top.)

I have done a quick search already and cannot see that Grasshopper can do conic-corners. If it cannot, I will fall back on something like the definition you’ve shown.


and cannot see that Grasshopper can do conic-corners.



conic (11.8 KB)

edit: but this only manipulates the rho value; there is probably a way to make the interpolated version (like in rhino) but I sadly don’t know how

edit2: btw if you put in “0.707106781186548” for the weight you get a circle


Thank you so much.
You’ve given me a flying start to Grasshopper (in v.6 MacRino).

My gut instinct is to put you on ignore right now. (done!)

@Joseph_Oster common, :grin: cut him some slack – the question (his first) was reasonable and friendly,
also the linked discussion is about constructing “conic” cubes by hand in rhino, not 2d curves in grasshopper,

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