Grashopper still active after closing

in rhino 5, when closing the grasshopper window, all grasshopper objects would disappear, which was quite handy. (if gh-objects should still be displayed one could just minimize the window)
rhino 6 always shows all grasshopper objects even after closing the window.
can the old behaviour be reestablished or am i missing an option or command?

Hi - I’m not seeing that behavior here.
Is this happening with a specific definition?

thanks for the hint!
checked some other files and yes, it only happens with specific rhino/grasshopper combinations. found the following: when using a custom preview component in grasshopper and displaying it in a rhino viewport with rendered display mode the “glitch” discribed above would happen. i guess this is not intentional, is it?

I wouldn’t think so - I’ll ask if this can be tuned up…
(happens with the Raytraced display mode as well)

@brt1 - filed as RH-51116 .

You can right click on the preview component and untick ‘render’. Preview and render now seem to have separately controls.

unticking “render” makes it invisible in rendered, shaded and raytraced viewport. (even if preview is on)
when selecting wireframe, technical or others, it becomes visible.

Could you please upload the simplest gh file you can that shows this issue?

Have a look at this thread

i use a simple sphere (no extra settings) and a preview (no custom material or color). (6.0 KB)

upper viewport is rendered, lower viewport is wireframe
screenshot 1: grasshopper on, render ticked:

screenshot 2: grasshopper on, render unticked:

screenshot 3: grasshopper off, render ticked:

screenshot 4: grasshopper off, render unticked:

I am responding to this thread since the title corresponds to my problem.

Rhino on Mac, 7.4.21078.01002, 2021-03-19

If you close Grasshopper by clicking on the red circle of the window, GH just disappears but is not really closed (rather minimized, as expected by clicking on the orange circle).

Open Rhino
Open GH
Create a new GH File and save it as
Close GH by clicking on the red circle in the corner of the window (keep Rhino running)
Go to the finder an rename the file to
Open GH again → GH shows a no longer existing file (must be cached) → this is an Error. All files should be closed (eventually saved) when GH is closed.

I am experiencing the same issue. Geometry (with no custom preview) stay visible in Rhino even after closing Grasshopper (not closing the file, just GH window). Is there a possibility to turn this behavior off?

Grasshopper running:

After closing Grasshopper nothing actually happens:

Of course I can turn off preview on these components, but that’s not a good solution as one usually needs some specific preview while working with the script:

Locking the solver makes no change.