Grashopper Plugin "Local Code" broken in Rhino 6

I am just testing out our grasshopper patches from V5 and see if they work in V6 and one component is giving me grief: Local Code Import.

Sadly the original website is not available anymore.

The error I am getting is “No layer by that name coudl be found.”, even though as you can see a layer with that exact name DOES exist. In Rhino V5.13 its working fine and not giving me the error.

I can’t find any more recent versions of local code import. Maybe there is a different way to reference .obj files in the way local code could?

Thanks for any help in getting to the bottom of this. Using latest Rhino 6.8

Here is the exact same script in V5.13 with no error:

Maybe the way layer names are referenced has changed!?

I’m also experiencing some problems with local code. In my case the components bake the geometry, but the component isn’t creating an output.
Did you find out what the problem was in your case?