Grashopper cuts too much (1.8 MB) When I create surface with split loft surface, it deletes a part of the object. I want it to be exact the same as the brep, but it isn’t. Can someone help me? image image

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I have the plugin on my pc? What do you mean with your post

I mean that anyone who doesn’t have that plugin doesn’t need to bother looking at your GH model because it won’t work without it.

Pufferfish3-0.gha (7.1 MB)

No thanks. What you are trying to do isn’t clear from your description or the model but I suspect it’s possible without the plugin.

I assume you have insufficient section profiles for loft especially at the end side of your geometry…
Try to reduce the distance of the contour(or section plan interval)to get the edge section…

I’ve added the curve, but now it says that there is 1 section curve. Now the loft failed… An idea why? (942.2 KB)

there’s a tiny disconnected line as last item of the list

by deleting it it looks like this:

help (1) (945.9 KB)

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It isn’t actually, you will need at least a script component to remake a loft component which changes surface crease splitting behavior in GH. (Equivalent to Rhino’s “CreaseSplitting” command). Crease splitting is very easy to do but not easy to undo, so you need to prevent it from happening in the first place which requires getting in the middle of the loft code, cant be before or after.

Thank you so much! I didn’t see that!