Why are we using GraphMapper? What does numbers mean on top left and down right? What is the connection between GraphMapper and domains? Please help

To funnel a collection of numerical values through a mathematical function to alter them.

In this example, values from 0 to 5 are representing x-values and are piped through \sqrt[]x to get corresponding y-values. The resulting xy-coordinates then can represent a curve, like above.

The GraphMapper lets you play with the curve instead to bend the values, but otherwise works in this manner.

They describe the domain, bounds, or minimum and maximum of a two-dimensional graph.

If the domain of the GraphMapper is from 0 to 1, your input values should lie within the same domain. You can change de GraphMapper’s domain by double-clicking the component, but that’s not really practical. I’d rather remap them to a domain from 0 to 1 before inputting them and again remap the output values to the initial domain, if needed.


Thank you for your support. I’m glad.

You’re welcome.