Graphmapper question

Hi everybody,

for some time I am confused about the values I receive out of the graphmapper using the sin -graphtype

I would like to achieve a sin curve which starts at 0 goes to exactly 3000 then back to exactly 0 then up to 3000 and ends exactly at 0

The values in the panel are not reflecting the graph shown in the graphmapper. The graph does start at 0 but will not go back to exactly 0 again and it does not reach exactly the value of 3000.

Would be great if someone could let me know how to solve this.

I have attached the script.

Thank you !!! (18.6 KB)

If the sine curve goes to 3000, you won’t actually get the value 3000 unless you evaluate it at exactly the parameter where it has its maximum.

The problem is that the x-position of your second (y=3000) graph grip is manually placed. You don’t know exactly at what value it peaks. What you can do is set the x-domain of the graph to an exact value and then place the second grip in the upper right corner of the graph, that’ll allow you to position it exactly.

Or since you need such tight control over the curve and it’s such a simple curve, you can switch to using expressions instead.

As David said.There is a better solution other than graph for your problem and that is use an expression instead. But if you insist on using graph you can make first quarter of the graph for full control on start and end, then make the other quarters by reversing and duplicating that 1st quarter and finally merge them (23.2 KB)

hi David and Mo

thank you for your help and time.really appreciated.
I just saw your responses.

The values need to be exact for manufacturing purpose.

I like Mo’s second me complete control of the curve.

Again thank you so much for your support.