Graphics issue with SR12 on Intel HD4400 ( Surface 2 Pro)


I’m running Rhino 5 64-bit on a Surface 2 Pro for site work. Seem to be having a graphics issue with SR12 on the HD4400 video system on this machine.
The effect is only seen in Layouts, what I see is large black blocks obscuring the layout windows. These move and break up as you zoom in but the overall effect is to make the layout page unusable. Regular views, top, front etc are fine.
The fault is being shown in Rhino 5 64-bit SR12 only. Rhino 5 32-bit is on the machine at SR-11 and shows no faults with the same drawings.
I updated the graphics driver on the machine to the latest spec available from the Intel web site on advice from the Surface forum, the fault described was present before and after the graphics driver update.
Any thoughts ?

Rob Form