Graphics driver stop responding

I am running a program called CounterSketch Studio by Gemvision which runs Rhino in the background. Recently white using the program my graphics driver will unexpectedly stop and get recovered. I have reached out to Nvidia, HP, Gemvision, and none of them know why this issue is happening. I am wondering if there is a chance it is Rhino related. I don’t know why it’s happening, any help is greatly appreciated.


Hi Matt - the first thing is to make sure your Nvidia drivers are up to date and Windows is up to date. I can see how this might be a hard one to track down. Are there other applications open at the same time?


Hello. drivers are up to date, I have a fresh install. It will happen either way, sometimes I have other programs open, and sometimes I don’t. It doesn’t seem to make a difference. This only happens in CounterSketch. Here is the usual view in CS when the driver crashes.

For the moment, we determined it was the fresh Nvidia install… I’m running an older one now and so far no issues.