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Hello, What is a good mid range video card ($200 or less) for Rhino,Brazil,Cycles,and Flamingo. No games just drawing and rendering.
Thanks, George

If you want a GPU that can be utilizied by Raytraced (Cycles) then you need to look GPUs based on either

You’ll probably find that lower-end GPUs don’t pack as much oomph to be really useful - in that case recent CPUs most likely will outperform the GPUs. When you look for your new card keep the architectures in mind. Always double-check the specs, verify the architectures are the minimum needed. Often newer is better, and more and fastee memory and busspeeds are also things to keep in mind.

A recent gaming card probably is ok for Cycles, even though you said you won’t be gaming.

Perhaps other forum members can share their experiences and knowledge regarding this matter too.

Is this statement true if the graphics driver exploits 100% of CUDA power?

It can be true (note the use of the words most likely, i.e. not set in stone) - it depends on the cards, but my i7-7700 outperforms the GT420 ( a Fermi-based card, which still works, but support for it might disappear) easily. Someone with a Kepler-based card and a recent CPU could do some testing…

Would a NVIDIA Quadro 600 by PNY 1GB DDR3 be ok?

Quadro 600 is based on same chip as GT420 (GF108), it’ll work, but even an Intel i5 CPU will render faster with Cycles. The Quadro 600 has ‘only’ 96 compute cores.

I saw this one on Amazon ,NVIDIA Quadro 4000 by PNY 2GB VS a gaming card about $200.00

I would not bother with a low cost Quadro, almost guaranteed to be a massive disappointment.

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Ok Thanks, I will look for a $200.00 gaming card.

I guess GTX 1050ti? perhaps.

GTX1050ti has more CUDA cores that GTX1050
Also not sure, but the amount of GB’s might limit the size of render output.

Quadro 600 only has 96 CUDA cores while,
GTX1050: 640 CUDA cores
GTX1050ti: 768 CUDA cores

When I have Task Manager running and I run Rhino Render I notice that it is very CPU intensive. When I use Raytrace viewing mode I notice that it is very GPU intensive ( but also uses a fair amount of CPU). So I am glad that I have a descent amount of both processing abilities.

I’m personally running an nVidia Quadro P2000 and really like it.

Litwinaa,what graphics card are you using?

Maybe you could wait for GeForce 1160? It might… come… any moment…

For maximum 200 dollars?

Sorry, my bad. Current 1060 costs $300.

nVidia Quadro P4000

John Brock, I also have a P2000 and do not see much peformance difference from my old Geforce GTX750. What do you reccommend for settings in both Nvidia control panel and rhino advanced settings? I am running Rhino 6 with Flamingo nxt 5.5 on a computer that has I7-6700 CPU, 3.41 GHZ, 32 GB or RAM and 64 bit operating system.

I’m using these NVIDIA Control Panel settings in the “Additional Quado Performance Improvements” setting at the bottom of the page:

Thank you very much good sir!