Graphics card and crash

Hello, I have an very old graphics card and my old computer won’t fit a new card the size I need .
Anyway when trying to export a mesh created from my nurbs model to stl for cnc / printing I’m getting a lot of crashes here lately. Think it’s the card?..thanks

You haven’t bothered to send in any crash reports so we have nothing to analyze to know.

When Rhino crashes, send in the crash report with your email address and comments about what you were trying to do when Rhino crashed.

Which version of Rhino and which version of Windows?

windows 10 , R6… nivida card keeps crashing when I render, was wondering if that’s the same reason for it crashing when exporting my mesh?

Will do! nivida card keeps causing it to crash when I try to render so thinking it is causing it to crash when exporting my mesh

Which CPU and which Nvidia card? Also, how old is your Nvidia driver?

You may want to make sure your machine is as dust free as can be. If you haven’t opened the case and blown out dust from all vent openings and removed the caked dust from ventilator blades I wouldn’t be surprised if anything heavy now causes system instability.

Ventilators and grills and other openings for: video card, CPU, case coolers, power supply unit…

A good dusting and ensuring all cables are snuggly connected can already go a long way.

so old there is no new driver they don’t make it anymore…I was thinking about a external video card devise but I think they are expensive…so maybe time for a new computer any suggestions on a desktop one from a big box store that will work…thanks

will do… thanks