Graphical representation of singular brep trim

What is a singular trim? How does it look?

In what context are you using ‘singular trim’? Is this something you’ve read or is there a problem you are trying to solve? More information might help us provide a useful answer…


Just trying to export ON_Brep to ACIS body.
But for the moment stacked with the WIRE entity, due to singular trim…
How to create WIRE entity based on ON_BrepLoop with singular trims?

Thanking you,

You do know that Rhino already exports to ACIS .SAT files, right?

I don’t know what a ‘WIRE’ entity is - sorry.

Does this structure diagram help?

As far as I understand it, a singular trim is where all control points on one side of a NURBS surface coincide. Easiest example is to create a plane and drag one control point onto one of its neighbours. You should get a singular trim on that end of the surface when viewed in BREP form.