Graphic in combination with a material

I would like to put a graphic / logo png on a material (for example metal). So a combination of the ebids without the basic material to falsify. I have already tried all possible obtions unfortunately without success. Can someone help me please. Otherwise I have to do everything later in Photoshop.
Many Thanks

Where can I find this option here?

Thank you so much!

Please help me I just can not get it … Where exactly do I invite my PNG in? … it is constantly changing … Reflection or diffuse? I’m usually a Cinema user and everything is different here? And with blend it is not the desired result

I usually do this:

This is the mask to mix the two materials, to put in the blend of the coat material.

You must assign either a planar mapping to your object or even better unwrap the object, as in this image

If you want to place a decal on blue plastic, than you need: set your decal map as diffuse texture and disable the tile option at the texture parameters. For example use the Rhino planar mapping, enable the mapping widget and use it to place your texture. … here I tried it and failed too. Oooopps.
(I’m using VfR2 for my daily work, so I don’t know what is wrong. I hope someone knows the answer. My first test based on a generic material. Since it doesn’t work I tried two diffuse layers, but I got the same problem.)

Edit: Hi @Pitti, during I wrote my post you posted your example. Nice to see it. Do you know how to get the old classic single material setup working too?

Yes sure :wink:

Same approach, you just need to invert the alpha texture because the old v-ray for rhino had inverted alpha, and for the same reason set the default color in the color manipulation section to white.

Ok thanks for the nice help, but I find it all very inconvenient and the color of my logo is not the right color … In Cinema this is a very simple function … but I switched to vray because I wanted to render in the program in which I build too … now I’m pretty sad that such a simple function just not wwork … I just need an exact logo with the right color for my client …

Strange, I don’t get it. (Also I get a lot unexpected results. See last image.)

If you have some time, could you test it with the attached textures. The goal could be to get something like at this screenshot, but the sphere should be colored. Best use the texture without intergrated alpha. The texture with alpha I get to work.

I’m curious to see the decal during the transparency map is used.

Texture with alpha


Texture without alpha

my result: I disabled “tile” for the transparency map and the opacity color is white (black would show the same result).

Thats what i want to do:

I would like to have the material properties and then a simple graphic

It works as espected.

Guys, look at my screenshots, it is all in there,
I’ll make a video as soon as I have time

You have all the info in my screenshots…

Thank you so much for your help but in my windows it looks not like in yours

@mitte So far I see, you need an additional diffuse layer for the decal texture on top like at Andreas screenshot.

Oh yeah!!! I have it now. I was not clear that I get a opactiy layer with a diffusion layer. Many thanks to you !!!

Did you got it working? Crazy, I don’t go the simple task yet. :slight_smile:
But I need to finish some work now and I will try it later again.

Take a look. :wink:
I made a video just for you guys :smiley:

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but you have to admit it is still very complicated compared to other rendering programs

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