Graphic card or processor

Hello… When I search a surface centroid, is it the graphic card or the processor running that do the work?

Rhino performs math calculations on the CPU, not the GPU.

– Dale

Thank you @dale , but why when I launch a centroid calcul, my CPU is only at 20%… It’s really long… When I make a bench of my CPU it work at 100%.

because only one core is running … out of many

What is the point of having several, if you only use one? it is possible to configure to use several?

Hey @onlyforpeace, if you’re calculating the centroid of a surface (using the Area component), you can set the component to use parallel computing (multi-threaded), but it should be set to parallel by default I believe. If you’re not using the Area component and are interested in the centroid of a surface then I would test out the area component to see if proves more efficient, however multi-threaded computing only really makes sense if you’re calculating multiple centroids; it might actually be better if you keep it as single-threaded, you’ll just have to test it out.

You can check out this 2018 post from McNeel to see a list of other multi-threaded components in GH > Multi-threaded components with C#

There are plenty of discussion posts on why Grasshopper/Rhino isn’t (more) set-up for multi-threading. From my understanding it comes down to serial operations: the order of how Grasshopper components/Rhino operations are executed is important so things don’t make you computer sad.

Hope this helps!

Ok… Thank you!
When you talk about surface component, you talk about gh surface component… I don’t use it anymore…
I’ll search on the forum!!!