Graph mapper

Hi, I am adding a Graph mapper object to control parameters, however when is uplodad in ShapeDiver, the control panel was not uploaded.
Can you please let me know, what is the best way to manage Graph mapper to enuse that enduser has the control of these parameters ?


At the moment, Graph mappers are not converted to online controls by ShapeDiver. They raise several challenges in terms of UI and data representation, therefore we don’t have plans to support them in the near future.

If you are only using ShapeDiver with the standard controls, the best solution I can recommend is to replace a Graph mapper with the mathematical equivalent, and replace the interactive graph controls by standard GH parameters. For example, if you are using a sine curve in the graph mapper, you can easily rebuild the behaviour of the component by computing samples on a sine curve, given a specific domain, frequency, amplitude and phase.

It should be possible to do for pretty much all curve types of the mapper.

If you are embedding a ShapeDiver model, you can then rebuild a UI similar to the graph mapper in your website, by converting back the above parameters.

Thansk Mathieu for your recomendation …I will try to built function or somethin like that… best regards !!