Graph Mapper grasshopper 6 conic

I just happened to have the graph mapper with a conic curve controlling values in a grasshopper script in Rhino 5. Opened in Rhino 6 and my points went all over the place.

Traced it back and it seems to be the definition of a Conic curve in Rhino 6 Grasshopper has changed. I can’t seem to get the Rhino 6 graph mapper to put out even a similar curve.

The graph seems to intersect the grip in neither V5 or V6.

I can confirm it isn’t working as expected in R6, I wonder if we changed the way weighted Nurbs curves are constructed… Logged under RH-45984

Yeah it was, we went from pre-multiplied control-point coordinates to world+weight and now apparently back again. I fixed it in the 6.5 version, which at the moment goes out every week as a Service Release candidate.

RH-45984 is fixed in the latest Service Release Candidate