Graph mapper amplitude

Hey guys,

I am working on this thing and it is driving me nuts… I kind of know how to use the graph mapper and use the amplitude function but what I am trying to do here isn’t going well…;

I want the amplitude at top and bottom to be at 0 and in the middle to be at 20 or so, with a graph mapper to adjust the exact way of how the number increases and decreases, and ofcourse keeping in touch with the adjustable numbers of ribs… I tried a lot but I can not get it to work, If you hook up my current mapper to the neg amp and the reg amp it kind of does it but on the xy plane not on the xz plane…

Anybody has any idea how to get this fixed? (32.8 KB)

Is this an R7 feature? (I have R6)

How about just increasing the radius of the middle circle?

Many ways to approach this…

Hi, I think it is…

I really need to adjust the distance and not increase the overal width… but thanks!

I kind of got the feeling I need to start all over with this haha