Grafting & Flattening Query

The geometry works fine in one single cell! When I try to apply on multiple hexagonal cells it goes weird! I think there is a mistake in grafting and flattening the lists! I tried but I can’t get what’s going wrong in this!

Origami Geometry (20.6 KB)

Hi, I simplified it a bit. Seems to be great for my next shiatsu session :stuck_out_tongue:
In general, flatten is bad. Use Shift Paths instead (if required). This one doesn’t require it…

Origami Geometry (34.7 KB)

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Hello @TomTom ,Thank you very much for this! You did it very well! I am so amazed by your work! I wanted to ask that is it possible to set a point or curve attractor domain to this script just like the below posted geometry! I am also sharing the script for the below posted geometry!

tutorial (27.3 KB)

Solved It ! :slightly_smiling_face:
Origami Geometry (24.6 KB)