Graft to first main branch

Is there any universal, fast and simple way (without using many components and without Path Mapper and Entwine) to “graft” items from indices to first main branch ( not the last sub-branch)?
Thanks in advance!

Do you mean like this?

Here you right click on the output of the component, then select Graft, and Simplify.

Unfortunately not. I meant {A;B:C}(i) —> {i;A;B:C}

Flip and Graft?

I’m guessing again that its not going to be so easy. Its hard to know without seeing the data you are working with.

I’ve showed data structure: I have this {A;B:C}(i) and I need this {i;A;B:C} (the content is not essential).
I don’t want to use Entwine and Path Mapper, because they are not universal ( You have to manually adjust number of branches).