Graft/Duplicate by looking at another tree?

Hello, I tried some components provided by Elefront but seems like there is no such a component…
Is there a way to graft a tree by looking at another tree?
For example, I have a tree like this.
And I have another tree like this.

And this tree is what I want.

Sounds like a basic technique, but I couldn’t find a way to do this.

It is not single component, but…

Can you be a little more specific? If you have 3 items in list A & B & graft you will have the tree you want.

How many items in original tree [1] ? You can trim tree then duplicate data match (elefront component) the first list. Replace Paths & Match tree could work too – depending on the items.

I have only one item in A and B. So I need to duplicate like Jakinta suggested but I’m assuming there is a puick way.

yes, thank you Jakinta. This is exactly what I was talking about. But is there more standard/custom component way to do this? especially when the tree got deeper, the script will be too complicated.

Depends on the incoming data, the example above is simple and fairly robust. Unlike trim tree if the depth of the trees changes. Neither will work in this format if the # of items change in list A or B.

I think this should deal with any tree depth, if you have single item in lists A and B.

Thank you Jakinta,
Yes that solves the issue. I was actually wondering if there is a simpler way (ideally a single component) to to this…
Some components from Elefront seems to aiming this, but none of them worked…
Duplicate Data Math
Graft Parallel
Also, Match Tree requires same item counts.
(and just noticed, I’m logging in as different users when accessed from different computers. I’ve been trying to fix this problem, but never found a way to consolidate accounts to one…)

This should be good as well…

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There are simple solutions to specific situations, there isn’t a magical component to deal with everything that can happen in tree data.

treesloth has a couple really helpful components.

Hello Rickson,

Seems like Propagate Ancestor from Treesloth is what I was looking for. Thanks!